Home Photo Checklist for Home Insurance Proposals

At Holley Insurance, we ask for photos of your home before we can put a home insurance proposal together for you.

This benefits you! Here’s why.

As an independent agent, we have access to a full portfolio of great insurance carriers to chose from. In fact, that’s one of the best benefits of working with an independent agent! However, we can not actively pursue all of these options unless we can see current photos of your home. Once we can see your home, we can find the best home insurance match for you – ensuring that you are receiving the best coverage, for the best price. 

Accurate home photos also gives us a better idea of what we are insuring. It allows for better accuracy and to ensure that we have the proper documentation in place in the event of a fire or other major disaster. 

Additionally, by reviewing your photos, we will be able to proactively address any potential repairs that the insurance company might require. It is MUCH better to know this information up front. At Holley Insurance, we are always looking out for you – and this is just another way that we are doing that.

 What photos do we need?

Here is a simple list of the photos that we need. You can also download a printable PDF checklist here.

1.Exterior photos of your home:

    1. Front of home
    2. Back of home
    3. Each side of home

2. Close up photo of your roof

3. Any additional structures

    1. Outbuildings
    2. Sheds
    3. Pool
    4. Trampoline

4. Any overhanging limbs

You can text your photos to us at (540) 334-4225. Please also include the age of your roof with these photos.

home photos

What happens next?

After we receive your photos, we will try to find coverage for you through one of our companies. If we are able to do so, we may need to come out to your home and take additional photos ourselves. In some cases, the insurance company will also send a 3rd party vendor to do a more thorough exterior inspection.

Questions? Call or text us at (540) 334-4225. We are here to help!

Holley Insurance team

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