Customer Testimonials

Jamie is always such a pleasure to work with! She is quick to answer questions and resolve any issues. You never have to worry if you are taken care of!

Jennifer H., customer since 2017

To start off, Scott you took time out of your day to come to my home and go over the options and the quote. You dont find that everyday. Second, you and your staff have been very professional and willing to help anytime I have a question or concern. That is greatly appreciated. If ever I have a problem I know that I can call you and your staff and will get the answers Im looking for. Thank you for all of your work and help. As I said before, everything you guys do for Blackwater Underground is greatly appreciated.

Craig D., customer since 2017

Thank you for the business insurance and the willingness to help when I have questions. Chris Allen

Chris A., customer since 2015

Been patient with us due to we are Deaf and took your time to talk and explain to us etc…. A+

Customer since 2017

I have always been made to feel welcome by the staff. They are always friendly and kind.

Amy O., customer since 2009

Quick friendly service for my car and business liability insurances. Scott is excellent to work with.

Matthew D., customer since 2017

Yall are great you are always so nice and polite and not to mention you just got my rates cut in half thanks again for everything

Jordan P., customer since 2015

One on one in person service in the style of that great Roanoke historical figure, John Randolph — Andy Jackson’s emissary to Russia.

Tom L., customer since 2016

Everything scott took care of myself and partners companys needs completely could not have found anyone or would have picked anyone else to be are agent and we hope to have a long relationship with each other thank you

Jason P., customer since 2017

You were very helpful and fixed all the issues with changing to my new vehicle for insurance

Customer since 2011

Very prompt service saved me a lot of money. I would recommed to you.

Customer since 2017

Recently requested Scott to help us reevaluate all of our policies. He stepped up and got with us will all options available and we were able to make our decisions quickly and efficiently. Would recommend Scott and his agency to anyone. Joseph Lohkamp

H L., customer since 2014

Honest at finding the best policy at the best price.

Wayne B., customer since 2016


Roy F., customer since 2017

You saved me a bunch of money

Peter N., customer since 2017

Prompt claims payments and outstanding customer service

Customer since 1995

Going up and beyond to make sure I get the best customer service and the best quotes.

Cola P., customer since 2016

The Holley Insurance Group was very helpful in researching the right type of policy for our rental property.

Customer since 2003

Always able to answer questions and available!!

Lisa W., customer since 1993

Very nice people and realistically priced insurance!

Thomas F., customer since 2010

Scott was very helpful, pleasant and professional. He understood the needs of my business and worked hard to get the coverage I needed!

Customer since 2016

Answered questions quickly, and was attentive to my business needs. Gave a very competitive quote and having a local agent is very accessible.

Kenny M., customer since 2017

My agent shopped for the best price for me , of course, but he also explained a lot of important details to me, talked to me as if I could understand them, which I can. I found the information valuable and his willingness to take the time to share it made me feel respected and valued.

Wendy G., customer since 2017

Everything. You’re efficient, knowledgeable, friendly, courteous and great folks to work with.

Customer since 2002

Holley Insurance was so helpful in helping me get the proper amount of auto and home insurance. They were very diligent in asking the right questions to make sure they understood everything that we owned so that the proper amount was covered and even offered/recommended an umbrella policy which in the many years I have had insurance on our property have never been offered before. I really can’t say enough good things about them.

Customer since 2016

I’ve always enjoyed the great people. I’ve always enjoyed the great service. I believe that the prices are fair. The agents go out of their way to really help me and my company out so thank you

Chase M., customer since 2016

prompt friendly service

Customer since 2009

You’re always quick to respond and on top of things for us!

Customer since 2011

Holley Insurance is always prompt and provides excellent service and great prices.

James S., customer since 2003

Always great service and very responsive.

John H., customer since 2011

Always attentive, available and friendly. Easy pay options. Easy to navigate online or by phone.

Johnathan R., customer since 2012

i am a single mom that hates paperwork. All I do is call and you guys take care of the rest. My payment is automatically drafted from my account so its just too easy for me.

Amy L., customer since 2013

I have found the personnel at Holley Insurance to be very helpful with any inquiry that I have made. They also have a very quick response to questions about insurance that I have. I highly recommend Holley Insurance

Jeanie M., customer since 2012

Scott Lynch has always been really respectful and helpful when I’ve called. Your insurance company gives me comfort in believing that if I do need your help, you’ll provide it, not make excuses and/or say “peace out we only take money, we don’t actually help the people we insure”. Thank you!!

Customer since 2015

I enjoy working with the crew due to the honest, dependable, and reliable leader they have in Steve Holley. I consider him a man of the highest integrity. He has always given me the facts and every answer from him has always been positive. Why not try this agency in Boone’s Mill, Virginia? It’s worth the call and darn sure worth the ride.

John B., customer since 2014

I feel so much more informed about my coverage and my needs since working with you.

Customer since 2016

You and your staff always answer questions promptly and thoroughly

Donna E., customer since 2000

Being able to talk with a person and the coverage and prices you have afforded me thanks a lot

Mark D., customer since 2016

Holley Insurance is a great place to buy insurance of many types. Tammy and Steve are very professional and friendly. Tammy is very knowledgeable in all aspects. Making it easier for you to have affordable insurance . I recommend them to all my friends.

Helen M., customer since 2010

the customer service is great.

Jeffrey F., customer since 2003

Excellent customer service. Always polite and easy to work with.

Customer since 2009

Quick response to my questions or requests. Excellent service when we had a claim.

Customer since 2006

Took care of our insurance needs very quickly and efficiently. I needed to have proof of insurance to be able to drive my new car off of the lot that day. Scott was able to get my husband and I both insured and compared our renters insurance for us, in just a couple of hours. Great service and I hope that everything else with our insurance needs is just as great of a process.

Customer since 2017

Everyone at Holley’s Insurance were knowledgeable and eager to help. They were very personable and went above and beyond to ensure that my experience was a good one. Thank you so much for all of your assistance and guidance!

Whitney F., customer since 2017

I like being able actually talk to a “real person” without going through the robo call maze. My questions are always answered quickly and professionally. I think this is a great service.

Customer since 2005

Great service you are able answer majority of my questions immediately. If you have to research you get back to me that day.

Customer since 2011

You are always respectful, helpful, and polite. You know your business and handle matters quickly and with little customer effort. You talk to your customers as if we are friends.

Tim S., customer since 2013

Everything. I moved away from Rocky Mount seven years ago and have continued to use Holley Insurance. I have never looked forward to paying a bill, but the friendly conversations always make it an enjoyable experience.

Customer since 2009

I could not of asked for a better experience. Scott was so helpful

Debra G., customer since 2015

Knowledgeable, responsive. Rep the best insurance companies.

James R., customer since 2015

Awesome personal service

Tammy O., customer since 2011

Jamie has been wonderful to deal with from the beginning of my inquiries. Very attentive to detail and response times. I have already recommended Holley to several people & a business.

Customer since 2017

Expectations have consistently been met for homeowner insurance coverage. Staff is engaging and polite. No complaints at all. No events or losses.

Customer since 2012

Same people, year after year PLUS real easy to talk to a real person without a long telephone tree.

Customer since 2004

If I call and ask a question, your team is very quick to respond and help me. I genuinely like doing business with your agency.

Customer since 2007

Always helpful answering any questions that arise

Bob K., customer since 2015

Fast friendly service

Bill G., customer since 2013

The Holley insurance company is a very personable company. They are like family to us and you can go in and it’s like talking with a family member. Very friendly and honest down to earth people.

Heather B., customer since 2008

Always working hard to find best rates for my family

Customer since 2012

Your staff is friendly and responsive to my inquiries and don’t try to upsell me. Erie is a good company and I have been satisfied with their and your service.

Customer since 2004

Thanks for all that you do and for you friendly & fast customer service! 🙂

Serina B., customer since 2009

To recommend someone or a service of some kind required a reason to do so. Just to say yes, with out any experience or reason to do it gives little meaning to what is good customer service. Its like being asked if you know what time it is and you look at your watch and say; Yes, I do. When I call Holley I always get more than Yes, for an answer. Everyone wants to always make sure the question that has been asked is clearly understood and answered to your satisfaction. Yes, that is good customer service!!

Gerald B., customer since 2007

Available with quick answers to any of our problems.

Richard C., customer since 1989

Tammy has been excellent to work with and is a very caring professional agent and provides the best customer service of any insurance agent I have ever worked with. In addition she has been very helpful in explaining & helping to understand insurance and providing the information needed as well as great suggestions for getting the appropriate coverage needed as well as taking the time needed to review and discuss any questions regarding the coverage. Found Holley Insurance via ELP from Dave Ramsey & that is why we continue to use them as our insurance agency

Alan B., customer since 2013

Holley insurance has always provided me with incredible service! Every process whether it was home or auto has been seamless as the staff has been quick to respond and follow up. I highly recommend this agency to anyone looking for an insurance provider.

Phillip B., customer since 2003

The personal touch and quick response to any help needed you all work as a great team Thanks

Wayne P., customer since 2004

Your customer service has been excellent.

Customer since 2009

Took the time to explain everything well

Bradford C., customer since 2017

You all are always there to answer any questions I may have in a friendly & expedite manor.

Stiles L., customer since 2014

Going above and beyond helping with the 1960 airstream when your company isn’t even making any money on the insurance.

Customer since 2013

Scott , You are a very personal agent, you took time to listen to my needs, answered all my questions and even did research to make sure I was getting the best rates and coverage for my family and me. You continued to make yourself available whenever i had concerns or questions returning my calls within a timely manner. Thank you! Ronald Williams

Ronald W., customer since 2015

A deer jumped into Stephen’s car on the passenger side. We had some damage and the check to our repair man was taken care of immediately. Love how we can depend on Holley Insurance to take care of things for us.

Sandy F., customer since 2015

Fast, friendly and courteous service

Janice T., customer since 2002

Scott Lynch, you have gone above and beyond anything I expected. Thank you for all of your help and knowledge. You made starting up my business a lot easier. I appreciate all of your help and will recommend your company to everyone I run across who is in need of insurance. Once again, thank you for being so laid back yet very professional.

Craig D., customer since 2017

I have been a customer of Holley Insurance for many years during this time they have never let me down, Steve and his staff are always ready to help me in any way. When a woman rear ended my truck and she provided the wrong insurance Holley Insurance was very quick to step up and take care of my needs. I have a real peace of mind knowing I am covered by Holley Insurance a family owned business that treats you like family. Ronald Campbell

Ronald C., customer since 2012

Holley Insurance cut my Auto Insurance in half! Jamie has been a pleasure to work with, quick and easy responses! Thank you so much!!!

Jennifer H., customer since 2017

Prompt and friendly service. The products are good; but, the difference is the service.

Janice T., customer since 2002

You got back to me right away… and made me a priority so that I could actually start my small business and get working!

Customer since 2016

I would like to thank Scott lynch at Holley insurance for his tireless efforts and quick responses when my company needs attention. Sean Hetherington A.S.C.

George H., customer since 2016

I love the ladies ive worked with in your office – they are kind and easy to work with.

Amy O., customer since 2009

Personal touch not automated service and quick answers for any questions I have.

Joseph P., customer since 2014

Fairly quick, knowledgeable, PERSONABLE rep. I cannot tell how important a guy with a sense of humor is to me doing business. Obviously if I have a claim I want efficiency but so far so good.

Tom L., customer since 2016

Everyone that I have every spoken with @ Holley Insurance has been knowledgeable and helpful.

John L., customer since 2005

Holley Insurance has given use prompt and courteous service and we thank-you.

Customer since 1995

Customer service is excellent, highly recommend Holley to anyone that wants great service and an unbeatable price with great coverage rates

Mark D., customer since 2016

Holley Insurance has great customer service and efficiently handle needs of the customers. Always available through email or phone making our business run smooth when it relates to insurance related items. Thanks…

Customer since 2016

Scott was very helpful in exploring different rate options for my home and auto insurance needs. Very reliable with timely responses and follow-up.

Customer since 2016

After a little mishap on a job, they took care of things and made sure everyone was taken care of. That means a lot when you’re in business and need to keep moving!

Jason C., customer since 2014

Scott is always a pleasure to deal with; I can rest assured that whatever issue I may have will be promptly and professionally addressed.

Customer since 2011

Timely response.

Craig C., customer since 2008

You have always gave great customer service. you are friendly, helpful, and answer any questions. I have and do recomment you guys to anyone who might ask or is looking for a good insurance for cars, homes, ect…..

Reva Z., customer since 2013

Holley Insurance offers prompt friendly service with fair pricing. Janice Thurman

Janice T., customer since 2002

Very efficient and professional.

Customer since 2002

allways take time to answer questions, great service

Customer since 2009

You keep me informed about what I need in order to properly protect my home, car, and ultimately my family!

Joyce N., customer since 2011

Customer focused- I appreciate you responding so quickly! Thanks Tina

Customer since 2015

Always friendly,courteous, polite, and easy to deal. Can call to make a payment or ask a question day or night. Great people to work with!

Johnathan R., customer since 2012

Holley provides great service along with good prices. Keep up the good job!

James S., customer since 2003

You guys answer the phone when I call, you usually know the answer to my questions, but in the event you do not, the answer is a phone call away and you are quick to get back to me. Customer service is king and you guys are royalty when it counts.

Customer since 2013

Took the time necessary to assess our needs. Matched us up with the company that was the best fit for risks we would pose Greeted us a customer instead of a potential sales target

Customer since 2015

I like being able to talk to a person rather than going through a series of “robo” operators.

Customer since 2005

The staff at Holley Insurance is wonderful to work with! They have always taken good care of us!

Aaron T., customer since 2014

I like the fast friendly service for both sales and when I need to make a claim.

Lee F., customer since 2009

You guys are always willing to go above and beyond to help out a customer anyway you can. The service has always been the BEST around!!! Keep up the good work!

Angela L., customer since 2010

Prompt and detail oriented

Customer since 2015


Dawn H., customer since 2011

Scott did all the leg work and made it easy to change insurance and save money.

Cynthia B., customer since 2016

You have been fair, honest, and you have told me the truth which most insurance people do not do in today’s market. Also, I can reach you when I need you! and that means an awful lot as well. Keep up the great work and we will keep referring everyone we can. Regards,

John B., customer since 2014

Holley Insurance is a great company. At Holley they do their best to get you the best rates and are always fast in their response to your needs.

Customer since 2011

good service thanks

Chuck N., customer since 2014

GREAT personality’s! And quotes/questions etc. are always handled prefesonally and in a timely manner. Thanks for all y’all do!

Jacob M., customer since 2009

I believe that you are very fair with your pricing. Very helpful and informative concerning the sale of my vehicle and what I could do to hold my plates for future use. Nice to work with too.

Customer since 2011

You always take care of my need Long Distance since I live and work in Va Bch now. Wendy is the best. I have had insurance with them for over 15 years. They are great..

Gloria K., customer since 2008

Tammy Cole has always given me good service and has a professional attitude.

Helen M., customer since 2010

Great customer service and a very helpful staff!!

James A., customer since 2010

Any time I have ever had to contact Holley Insurance they have been so helpful. They always put the customer first and try to save them the most amount of money possible. Wendy is an awesome agent!

Melanie M., customer since 2005

The service we receive from you is always quick and takes care of the need. Also, we enjoy making a call to you and not being referred to someone else Always we are treated with respect and as friends instead of just someone who needs help.

Tim S., customer since 2013

Holley Insurance has helped my company save in many ways. Not only have we saved in costs but we also save our time and our clients time with their interactive website. We want to thank Holley Insurance and all of their employees for all they do for us. Jeremy Spence, Owner J Spence Carpentry

Jeremy S., customer since 2015

You have always been friendly and easy to work with.

Roger H., customer since 2008

Service with a smile, courteous and prompt

David D., customer since 2009

Tammy always has time to go over any questions we have, (and sometimes there are many). Friendly, professional, and quick to respond. We feel like she values our business and goes out of her way to help.

Teresa C., customer since 2013

Tammy went out of her way to help me get my insurance straight after my divorce. She compared several plans and helped me find the best plan at the most affordable rates for me and my situation.

Customer since 2011

Holley Insurance brings a more personal touch to the table in dealing with insurance companies.

Customer since 2014

Very helpful answering different questions on things I was unsure of

Bob K., customer since 2015

Real people, that have been there long enough to remember you personally.

Customer since 2004

Always great personal service.

Customer since 2011

Everyone in your office was always super helpful, especially Wendy!

Christina M., customer since 2013

The agents are very helpful and anytime I have a claim which is not often they have been helpful and a pleasure to work with at all times.

Lynn F., customer since 2005

Great Customer Service. Always got back to me in a timely manner

Jeffrey F., customer since 2003

You guys are always willing and able to help.

Customer since 2012

Ms. Wendy is very friendly, always available to answer questions, and has always exceeded my expectaions!

Customer since 2012

You all do everything right, great to work with.

Customer since 2000

very friendly and very knowledgeable on insurance ..i really appreciate this…

Janice C., customer since 2015

Worked hard to find me the best rate

Customer since 2013

The great service and friendly employees are you greatest asset. You make everyone feel important and cared for. Thanks for all you do.

Bonnie M., customer since 2004

good answers, prompt responses…good companies you rep.But my name is really “ED”

James R., customer since 2015

Very prompt and informative customer service. Super friendly and helpful!

Customer since 2012

I’ve always gotten prompt responses and the staff are super friendly, very knowledgeable and always willing to help!

Serina B., customer since 2009

I can count on a speedy response whenever I have a question. And if the person I’m talking with doesn’t know the answer they find it from someone else. I feel like your approach is very personal and that I’m not just another number.

Arthur G., customer since 2013

Very good person to work with

Customer since 2015

I moved to Roanoke last year and had to buy my own car insurance for the first time. Scott was extremely helpful in pricing different insurance options and providing me with the most affordable, but solid option. He was able to search for discounts that applied to me to save me a lot of money. He also stayed after hours to assist me because I work late days. He explained my policy to me, and took care of most of the paperwork for me.

Ryan T., customer since 2015

The folks are always friendly and ready to help. They go the extra mile to help you. We recently had a kitchen fire that left us pretty rattled. One call to Holley Insurance eased our minds tremendously.

Ricky A., customer since 2010

Very professional and great to work with. I was a first time auto insurance purchaser and they took the time to explain everything to me and make me feel comfortable during the process. They provided exceptionally affordable quotes in sufficient time and were prompt in making adjustments to any changes I asked for. I wish every company was this easy to work with.

Customer since 2016

With Holley Insurance I don’t get the feeling of a company-client relation, it is more of a friendly feeling. The agent I meet or call, whenever needed, is always helpful and is more than willing to offer the best advice he has in store, besides the effort to get the best possible rates for a better service.

Customer since 2015

Excellent service from everyone associated with Holley Insurance. Issues and questions are handled promptly and with care.

Michael M., customer since 2013

Scott & Steve are always friendly & accomidating with any questions or inquiries I may have. They always make the effort to get back to me promptly and that’s important these days when everyone has limited time to spare.

Stiles L., customer since 2014

Went above and beyond to find answers to a difficult situation.

Customer since 2013

Personal attention and customer centric

Customer since 2016

Great customer service and prompt return of calls to questions

Michelle T., customer since 2013

1. You called me back . 2. Your mailings concerning the merger and consolidation have been helpful.

Customer since 2013

You always respond or get back to me with answers to my questions in a short amount of time and are always pleasant, friendly, and personable. Great service!

Customer since 2012

Takes care of me and my friends and family with all our insurance needs, personally and business.

Salinas G., customer since 2015

Just referred a friend. Great rates!

Tracey L., customer since 2011

Since I only own a house in Roanoke but don’t live there I don’t have need for any other insurance than homeowners.

Customer since 2013

Prompt and friendly customer service

Richard C., customer since 2016

Professional service. Excellent price. A pleasure to deal with. Thanks.

Thomas J., customer since 2016

We just recently signed on with Holley Insurance and were very impressed with the analysis Steve did for us. The staff has been very responsive. Chuck Murphy, Lake Christian Ministries

Chuck M., customer since 2016

Taking time to explain options and pros and cons of those options in person or over the phone. And always friendly!!!

Joseph P., customer since 2014

Scott put in the leg work to solve a tough coverage issue.

John G., customer since 2013

Customer service is incredible! Tammy Cole has been so helpful with all of my insurance needs and questions. Her friendliness is an extra bonus! She has always gone the extra mile for my needs and that is very rare today. Well done and thank you for excellent service

Lynn S., customer since 2010

Wendy Washburn at Holley Insurance has always taken care of my insurance needs. She makes me feel like I am a person and not just a number. Thankfully I have never had a claim, but when or if I every have to, I feel very confident I will be taken care of.

Penny L., customer since 2010

I have been dealing with Holley insurance for many years now. I have always gotten the best rates out there. Particularly when my son turned 16. I couldn’t have gotten any better rates. Tammy is always very professional and courteous and so is Steve Holley. I Always refer people to them.

Helen M., customer since 2010

I had a general liability claim a while back and, being new to my business, wasn’t sure what the next move was. A quick call to Wendy and everything was taken care of. I would definitely recommend Holley Insurance to anyone in my area who is looking for great insurance coverage with great service.

Jason C., customer since 2014

I have been with you all for many years You have aways help me and you all are very friendly And so nice I can’t think of anything you all need to change you have got it just right. Thanks for all you have done.

Customer since 2007

You worked hard for me after I was rear ended to get my vehicle fixed and went through the process of getting my $500 deductible back.

Customer since 2008

Wendy was extremely helpful making sure that we had all the necessary coverage in case of any kind of emergency both on our homeowners and auto policies. She is very pleasant and just wonderful to work with. She was very prompt in answering any questions I had and never acted like it was too much trouble. I now feel like I have the best possible coverage for the best available price.

Carol F., customer since 2016

You guys are always very nice & easy to work with. I appreciate all your help!

Customer since 2012

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. And best rates around!

Coty W., customer since 2014

Wendy’s customer service is excellent. She is always willing to help me find the best deal, and make changes for me as needed. I swap a lot of vehicles lol. She’s great. Thanks

Tina V., customer since 2012

The personalities of employees is what really makes this insurance different. I always feel comfortable asking questions, even silly ones. I always get call backs if I get voice mail. The customer service is the best thing you offer. Also when my Toyota was totaled the service Erie gave me was quick and efficient.

Reva Z., customer since 2013

Wendy is always very quick to return my calls and answers any questions I may have.

Lisa T., customer since 2012

Always friendly and helpful everytime we have called. Great Service.

Michael W., customer since 2004

Everything! For starters, you all reply to my questions in a very timely manner. I am also charged exactly what you tell me I will be, with no hidden costs once the bill actually arrives. And the main thing is that I am not hit every year with a huge rate increase, which is why I left my last carrier!

Kimberly T., customer since 2013

Good customer service, fast reliable information about renewal issues.

Customer since 2010

One on one personal service

Customer since 2015

Have always answered any questions in a timely manner; have always been professional and courteous

Customer since 2010

Simply put, friendly knowledgeable service that does not treat you as is if you are just another policy number.

Customer since 2004

I can call or drop in any time and get the time I need to check all the options to see what works best for me.

Tyler R., customer since 2015

I’ve already referred someone to your agency.

Juanita T., customer since 2010

Holley insurance has always been on top of things and prompt to respond. They went above and beyond to assist me when tree fell on my house when I was headed out of town. Steve said to go and not worry about a thing and everything was taken care of by the time I got back. Awesome staff and customer service!

Serina B., customer since 2009

When I have a question about my homeowners, auto, personal liability or business policies I have always received a fast and courteous response.

Customer since 2005

Fast, friendly service is hard to beat and Holley provides the best. Keep up the good work.

James S., customer since 2003

Anytime I’ve needed to call, if I don’t get an answer, I get a call back. I appreciate that. When I was shopping for insurance, Erie was cheaper than State Farm here in town.

Customer since 2013

Very friendly and helpful office staff.

Linda E., customer since 2013

Service is the key to what makes a good company great. From time to time whether you sell a manufactured product or some type of insurance product there will come a time when something does not go the way you would expect it to go. That is when you say sometimes a products fails for any number of reasons. How you service that failure can not! That is the difference between success and failure on how service is handled. People are responsible for how those issues are handled and it is not just because they say they will, its because their customers say they do! Pick anyone of the people who you talk to at Holley, you will get the same thing. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! Count on it! Every time! All the time!

Gerald B., customer since 2007

Always on the ball.I am very pleased with the service I receive for any and all questions or changes to my accounts.I have referred others to Holley Insurance and all I have sent to Holleys are pleased with the service and prices from Holley Insurance.

Phillip B., customer since 2014

Great service, great people, great insurance! Couldn’t ask for a better company!

Customer since 2000

Don’t change a thing.

Customer since 2015

I have told several that you guys are the best at what you do and I am a very happy customer <3

Johnathan R., customer since 2012

Great service and prompt response time.

Barry P., customer since 2013

Your service is outstanding and very prompt. The agents there are always eager to help or answer and questions that we may have. Thank You for going the extra mile to help our business run smoother and save money. T & M Express, LLC

Terronez M., customer since 2015

You notified the car rental to have a car ready for us (before we got there) so it didn’t take a lot of time to be on our way. The service and help you provided helped make the situation less stressful. And yes, Diane and I always recommend you to anyone we talk to that is looking for insurance (we recommend you even if they aren’t looking).

Philip M., customer since 2006

Always polite and thoughtful of customers! Great to work with!

Jacob M., customer since 2009

You guys at Holley’s have always been great 🙂 its a bonus you save me money !!!!

Jessica P., customer since 2014

Tremendous customer service based on unmatched values is what sets Holley Insurance apart from the rest. Wendy Washburn is professional, effective and extremely efficient in her efforts to take care of your insurance needs. I know that everything and anything that I may need or ask for will be taken care of with ease. I could not be more happy to be dealing with Holley Insurance.

Brandon S., customer since 2011

My home was damaged by hail and everything was handled efficiently.

Customer since 2004

Every time I have dealt with employees at Holley insurance I have gotten the most wonderful service. All of them have been professional, courteous, and extremely friendly. I can only say wonderful things about everyone there. They all seem like old friends. Also the insurance I have with them is great and I feel like it is the best deal around…

Reva Z., customer since 2013


Vincent D., customer since 2012

We had a tree fall on our dock. Holley Insurance had an appraiser out the next day and a check for the full repairs arrived 2 days later.

Customer since 2004

Have been satisfied so far.

Customer since 2014

The employees at Holley Insurance are so friendly and knowledgeable. They make sure that you are receiving the best rates possible and really do look out for you as a customer. Wendy Washburn is awesome!!

Melanie M., customer since 2005

It’s a very personable team at Holley ins … Been with this team around 15 years.. And I’ve dealt with each one there and was treated friendly and very professionally .. Even helped guide me out of some higher ins vehicles .. By finding and giving quotes while I’ve been vehicle shopping .. That’s someone that wants my business .. And they have it .

Daniel L., customer since 1999

Wendy, you listen to my ins needs and give clear, concise feedback. You shopped for the best deal for me, that assures me that you care about my cost. When you say you will call me back, you do. Integrity is important in todays world.

Sidney S., customer since 2012

I appreciate talking to the same person when I call and the prompt, friendly service. The rates also agree with my single mom budget!

Customer since 2014

Can get a real person on the phone immediately, and almost always someone who remembers you and is friendly

Customer since 2004

Helped me get started with vehicle insurance. I’ve been a happy customer for about 3 years.

Customer since 2012

Always friendly and do your best to give what customers are looking for.

Tammy O., customer since 2011

Great responsiveness and service!

Customer since 2012

Obtaining insurance for my house and car was very easy and Wendy was the best!! She was very helpful and knowledgeable. I would and have recommended Holley Insurance.

Christina M., customer since 2013

Tammy is the GREATEST. Anytime I have a question she’s always quick to respond. I feel she’s truly looking out for my family’s best interest. She’s our go to person. Knowledgable, quick response time, polite, and a great friendly personality. You actually feel like a valued customer.

Teresa C., customer since 2013

Great personal service and great support when you need it!

Robert M., customer since 2009

Timely and very helpful on all requests. Holley provides value beyond our expectations!

Customer since 2003

1) I love the personal service. Where most transactions today are done via a device – I like the fact that I can call and everyone knows who I am, they know my name and know my policies. 2) I like that I can call and check my policies every year – to make sure that my coverage is good and I’m not paying more than I have to.

Customer since 2000

Always congenial and helpful with information and guidance with my insurance policies. Easy to contact and returns calls in a timely manner.

Alexander C., customer since 2012

its nice to have a real person handle your questions and requests instead of an automated system where you have a repeat yourself over and over again

Dena C., customer since 2015

You guys have great customer service and are always happy and willing to help. Your rates are fair, and your payment plans are terrific.

Luke C., customer since 2012

The staff is always willing to patiently answer our questions about our insurance policies. Since becoming a customer about 3 years ago, it’s the first we understand our insurance coverage. –Elizabeth Guthier

Eric G., customer since 2013

Always responsive and friendly

Customer since 2004

Great customer service

Alan B., customer since 2013

Very prompt response time and in a consistent manner. Knowing that I’ll be taken care of and treated as a priority every time is invaluable.

Customer since 2012

Holley Insurance quickly found my family comparable car insurance and helped us save over $100 a month. I was able to change insurance over the phone and complete forms on line and I never had to go into the office. The people in the office were very helpful and a pleasure to talk to about our insurance needs.

Lisa F., customer since 2015

You did everything correctly and that is the reason we chose Steve Holley Insurance and Erie Insurance. You did your homework when most companies do not do anything at all except try for the biggest sale possible.

John B., customer since 2014

Very great personnel, very easy to work with and talk to! Holley insurance makes you feel like a valued friend and customer! Highly recommended!

James A., customer since 2015

I feel like you went above and beyond “the call of duty”, so to speak, in finding me the most affordable automobile insurance for my needs. Also, the agents all seem to be eager to help you.

Kenneth A., customer since 2011

You have been responsive whenever I had a question. Also at the time of the hail storm at the lake a couple of years ago you helped facilitate our claim.

Customer since 2009

Wendy you are awesome! Alway fast to respond and very quick to get me the answers! And Steve is like family to me!!! Lol

Matthew A., customer since 2008

Always helpful and go out of your way to help when I call.

Sandy A., customer since 2012

They make things easy. I was able to do everything through e-mail.

Scott A., customer since 2011

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