How it Works: Erie Insurance Claims Process

You aren’t alone if you have questions about the Erie Insurance claims process. If you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance that you need to file a claim, you can be assured that our team at Holley Insurance will do whatever we can to make sure the process is as smooth and painless as possible. And if you are an Erie Insurance customer, you’ve got an experienced team of claims adjusters who are ready to help too. Erie is consistently ranked high on Consumer Reports and has ranked first place in studies done by J.D. Power for auto claims satisfaction.

Wondering how the Erie Insurance claims process works? Let us explain.


Step #1 in Filing a Claim with Erie Insurance

Whether you’ve been in a car accident, your home has been damaged, you have a business insurance claim, life insurance claim, or pretty much anything else…the first step is always the same. Call us. Our number is 540.334.4225

By calling us first, we’ll be able to take a look at your policy to advise you on your coverage and what to expect. Our team will walk you through the process and answer any questions you might have. Should your accident occur after standard office hours, still call us. We have an after-hours menu that will connect you to Erie’s after-hours claim service.


Pre-Claim Consultation from Holley Insurance

It’s common that our clients have questions about whether they want to file a claim or not. Perhaps the damage is minimal or they have concerns about how a claim could affect their rates. Calling us first allows us the opportunity to walk through those scenarios before filing a claim with the carrier.  Plus, we have over 20 years of claim experience to help guide you. This service is available free of charge to our clients. 

If you can call during regular business hours, our staff will either take the first notice of loss details and file them with Erie or we will direct you to the proper people to handle that. Calling us first gives us the opportunity to give advice and guidance about what you can expect and we find that makes for a smoother process for our clients.

If your claim occurs after hours and it is an emergency, you may choose to file the claim without speaking to our agency first. That is fine. You can still call our office.

Steps to the Erie Insurance claims process:

1. Start your claim by contacting us or Erie Insurance directly.

2. Once the claim is filed, a claims adjuster will contact you to review the details of your claim and your coverage.

3. Review your repair options or submit necessary documents (dependent on type of claim).

4. Settle the insurance claim.

Most claims have speedy resolutions, but the timeframe will depend on the nature of the claim. For example, a minor fender bender will generally be processed faster than a claim involving multiple cars, property damage and injuries. Homes with severe damage will require a longer claims period.

24/7 Access to Your Claim with Erie Insurance

One really nice thing about filing a claim with Erie Insurance is that throughout the process you’ll have the ability to check the status of your claim in your online account. You should be able to view:

  1. The status of your claim.
  2. The rental company and repair shop information.
  3. The payment status (including payments made to you!)
  4. The contact information for the claims representative assisting in your claim.

Erie Insurance Claims Process

Important Erie Insurance Claims Numbers:

Call (800) 367-3743 for support 24/7:

  • Option 1 to report a windshield or auto glass claim
  • Option 2 for roadside assistance provided by Agero
  • Option 3 for workers’ compensation claims 
  • Option 4 to start a new claim for the first time
  • Option 5 to speak to a representative about a previously reported claim
  • Option 6 for Customer Care for questions about billing, payments and policy information

For a claim for a life insurance policy or annuity contract, call Erie Family Life at (800) 458-0811, option 3.

Have Questions about the Erie Insurance Claims Process?

Still not sure how to proceed? Maybe you are not sure if you want to file a claim yet? Just want to know what is covered or not covered? This is why we are here.

Reach out to us so we can help you through this. Either call us or feel free to email our staff or

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