Family Love Letter (FREE template)

A Family Love Letter is one of the most important things you can leave your family.

Have you heard of a Family Love Letter? It’s a document that you complete that compiles all of your important information, documents, financial information, wishes (and more) to help your family at the time of your death.

We know that thinking about your own mortality is not a fun thing to do. It’s tough! But it’s incredibly important. Think of the gift you would be giving your family by taking the time to create a Family Love Letter now.

 family love letter

If you were to die tomorrow, would your family know where to find your passport? Do they know your computer password? Would they know how to access your life insurance policies? These are just some of the questions that a Family Love Letter helps you answer for your loved ones.

Far too often, people forget to share the wishes and plans they made before it’s too late. Their family is left to scramble for documents and contacts to deal with the logistics of their loved ones’ death instead of being able to truly grieve. A Family Love Letter organizes the paper trail you have created over your lifetime. It is written in your voice which gives your family directoin and guidance when it comes to your final wishes.

family love letter

No matter what your age, you should have a Family Love Letter on file

EVERYONE should have a Family Love Letter written – no matter what your age. If you love someone, please leave them with this gift. It is an indispensable planning tool that allows you to bring clarity and less stress to the people who matter most to you. PLUS – it ensures that all of the important things you have put in place regarding your finances and estate planning are executed properly.

Click the link below to download our complimentary Family Love Letter template. Provide your loved ones with printed copies and/or instructions on how to find the letter at the time of your death.


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