Tara Holley

Inspections & Founder of Holley Appraisals


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Tara at Grand Canyon

Tara Holley is an owner and property inspector for Holley Insurance. 

As a Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser performing property inspections for the past 14 years, Tara founded Holley Appraisal Services in 2017.  She has been designated by the Veteran’s Administration Panel, the Federal Housing Administration, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the United States Department of Agriculture as a qualified appraiser on their respective panels.  She has also been appointed by the 22nd Judicial Circuit Court of Virginia as an expert witness. 

When not working, Tara enjoys teaching fitness classes at the YMCA, being a part of the Crooked Road Running Club, and volunteering in Franklin County Public Schools in her free time.  She can be found exposing children and teens to Yoga, teaching RAD Systems of Self Defense at FCHS & Ferrum College and crawling in the mud with her friends.  Tara loves to travel to new places with her family and never leaves home without her Kindle. 

Tara brings her vast knowledge as an Appraiser to inspect clients’ property for their insurance coverage.  You will most likely not find her behind a desk at the office, but she may knock on your door when your policy renews.

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