DMV-issued farm use tags required beginning July 1, 2024

Important! Starting from July 1, 2024, farm vehicles in Virginia must prominently display a farm use placard issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Failure to comply with this requirement may result in receiving a ticket.

This new law replaces the previous practice of using unofficial farm use tags that were easily obtainable from retailers and insurers for driving farm-use vehicles on public roads. The DMV-issued farm use tags can be obtained for a one-time cost of $15, compared to the expensive ticket you would receive for non-compliance. 

farm use tags

The purpose of this legislation, passed by the General Assembly and signed into law by Governor Glenn Youngkin, is to prevent the misuse of farm use tags by individuals who do not actually use their vehicles for agricultural purposes. Farm-use vehicles are defined as those used for farming activities or for transporting agricultural products such as plants, crops, livestock, dairy products, and other farm-related items. By designating their vehicles for farm use, owners can bypass certain aspects of the registration process.

The new Farm Vehicle placards are nontransferable and remain valid as long as the owner or lessee continues to use the vehicle for exempt purposes. If the vehicle is no longer used for exempt purposes or is sold, the placard must be returned to the DMV within 30 days. To obtain the permanent farm use placard, applicants can visit their local DMV and complete a Permanent Farm Use Placard Application. This application requires information about the farm and vehicle, as well as certification that the vehicle meets the necessary criteria for farm use.

Unlike the previous system of informal tags, the new law requires vehicle owners to confirm that their vehicles are indeed being used for agricultural purposes. According to the DMV website, certain vehicles are exempt from vehicle registration and fees if they meet specific criteria. This includes pickup trucks, panel trucks, sport utility vehicles, vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating exceeding 7,500 pounds, and semitrailers that are exclusively used for agricultural or horticultural purposes on land owned or leased by the vehicle’s owner.

However, these vehicles must only be operated for basic maintenance, farm work, or travel needs and should not be driven on public highways for any other purpose. Additionally, unregistered farm use vehicles must be insured under a general liability policy that includes personal injury liability insurance and property damage liability insurance. Self-insurance for farm use vehicles is not permitted. Failure to provide proof of insurance within 30 days, when requested by a law enforcement officer, is considered a traffic infraction and may result in a $600 fine. For more detailed information, please visit the DMV website.

farm use tags


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