Insurance FAQ’s: Is life insurance from my employer enough?

Insurance FAQ’s: Is life insurance from my employer enough?

Life insurance from your employer is often a nice perk that comes with the job. It’s usually low-cost or free and it’s convenient.

But is life insurance from your employer enough?

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Here’s the quick answer: If you have dependents (a spouse or kids) who rely on you and your income, your employer-sponsored life insurance is NOT enough.

There are a couple of reasons for this:

1. If you change jobs, are laid off, or switch to part-time employment, you could lose your employer-provided life insurance. Most employer-provided policies do not get to come with you if you leave the company.

2. Your employer could decide to stop offering life insurance policies for employees in an effort to save money. In this case, you’d also be left with nothing.

3. Coverage for your spouse could be minimal or non-existent.

4. The level of coverage probably is not enough. If you have  dependents that rely on your income, you need coverage at least six times your salary. Most likely, your employer-provided life insurance policy is not that high.

So what should you do if you only have an employer-funded life insurance policy?

Our recommendation: Keep your insurance offered by your employer, but supplement it with a policy of your own from an independent insurance agent.

And getting the proper life insurance coverage is probably much more affordable than you think!

A $250,000 life insurance policy is about $160 a year. That’s a little over 40 cents a day or about $13 a month.Compare that to how much most people spend on coffee or take-out lunch each month.

What if you packed a lunch a couple of times a month and used the money you saved on a life insurance policy that truly protects your family? Seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it?

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